PDS Integro Monoflap Carl Hester

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Pessoa and international dressage star Carl Hester have joined forces to launch the new range of PDS Carl Hester Collection Saddles.

Some modern dressage horses have little or no wither and are more barrel shaped. These horses need careful consideration but are popular due to their compact shape and powerful movement. The PDS solution for this type of horse is the Integro Monoflap saddle. The close contact tree offers the ultimate close feel in a dressage saddle.

The Integro is built on a Carbon Fibre tree. Carbon Fibre which allows strength and flexibility. The unique Pessoa X-Change gullet system allows the Integro saddle to be fitted or refitted at any point.

This saddle features AMS (Advanced Movement System) foam and wool flock panels to give unrivalled comfort and weight distribution.

Leather: Double European Leather