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BC2A equine paste is a unique formula designed to reduce lactic acid build up while enhancing muscle adaptation to training.

BC2A is a natural, safe and effective oral paste by Equine Sports Performance that provides readily available branch chain amino acids.  It can be used during pre-exertion, training, tying up and post exertions as amino acids work to build and repair muscles.

• Helps reduce muscle fatigue caused by over exertion   

• Natural buffering process helps minimize lactic acid production in the body

• Reduces the heart rate during training 

• Lowers the negative effects of strenuous training on the horse's muscular structure

Dosage and Administration

• Pre-exertion: 55g or 88g depending on intensity as close as possible to the event but ideally 30-60 minutes before strenuous exertion.

• For horses that are already tying-up: one 88g syringe orally ASAP

• Assisting recovery from tying-up: 55 or 88g syringe, depending on severity, within 30 minutes after strenuous work.

• Known history of tying-up: 55g or 88g syringe depending on intensity, 30-60 minutes pre-exertion and the same again within 30 minutes, post exertion.

• After layoffs when increasing intensity of training, endurance and fitness: 55g or 88g depending on intensity of work, 30-60 minutes pre-exertion and repeat within 30 minutes after strenuous work.