Skye Park Comfort Wool

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Warm and cosy woollen under rug without any fancy price tags. We call this the Comfort Wool Under Rug for a very good reason. It is thick,warm and cosy being luxurious 80% Kersey wool, it is comfortable for your horse and your pocket. Warm on the cold days but because wool breathes so well this natural product will not overheat your horse if the weather warms up a little. It can also make an ideal cooler rug because wool is temperate and has the ability to be hold its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. This rug has a reinforced neck to alleviate any stretching. Genuine lambswool at wither. Light and easy quick release fittings on nylon leg straps reinforced to rug with PVC. The overall drop is shorter than your canvas rugs so you dont get any annoying bits hanging out to get wet and dirty. Attractive Black,green and navy check Optional Extras: Matching Hoods Matching Neck Rug