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Hi Shine Shampoo is an outstanding clarifying shampoo that gently deep cleans hair.  It produces a rich, foamy lather that rinses out easily leaving no residue even with cold water. Hi Shine will leave the coat, mane and tail squeaky clean, shiny and manageable. It is gentle enough to be used every day.

Hi Shine is specially formulated to cut through oil and will easily and effectively remove the Original MTG after treatment.

Hi Shine can be applied directly to wet coat or diluted in a bucket of water and applied with a sponge.


  • Use several good squirts of Hi Shine in a bucket as you are adding water from a hose, to get lots of bubbles and mix the shampoo well with the water.
  • Hi Shine can be applied directly to wet coats to remove tough stains.
  • Hi Shine Shampoo is specifically formulated to remove Original MTG from a horse’s coat, mane and tail when needed, without stripping the hair of its natural oils.  It is most effective in removing Original M-T-G if used undiluted and applied directly to the area where Original M-T-G has been applied.
  • Hi Shine is gentle enough to be used every day
  • Avoid getting Hi Shine into the horse’s eyes or nose.
  • Hi Shine rinses out easily and leaves a beautiful shine to the horse’s coat.
  • When bathing a horse, use a rubber curry comb or rubber hand mitt gently, to really get the horse clean and scrubbed to the skin. Do this after applying a good bit of sudsy water and shampoo onto the horse with a sponge.