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Sodium arsanilate 50 mg/mL 

  • JUROCYL is a safe, pentavalent organic arsenic tonic of low toxicity providing rapid response.
  • JUROCYL promotes healthy skin and coat growth.
  • JUROCYL stimulates appetite in picky eaters.
  • JUROCYL is of value as a general tonic in anaemias, debility, stress, illness & recovery.

JUROCYL is a pentavalent organic arsenical compound with strong tonic properties. JUROCYL has a marked effect on the blood vessels of both skin and gastro-intestinal blood vessels.
JUROCYL is rapidly absorbed, with a prompt and visible effect. Arsenic in the organic form has long been known and respected for its tonic properties. This pentavalent form is not harmful to animals at recommended doses, and is well tolerated with no local or general reaction.


JUROCYL is indicated to stimulate appetite in poor eaters, particularly those horses suffering stress related to hard training & competition.
As a general tonic, JUROCYL is valuable in the treatment of anaemias, weakness and debility, emaciation, and skin conditions. JUROCYL is particularly effective at promoting healthy coat growth, and encouraging seasonal changes in body coat because it improves blood flow to skin. A course of JUROCYL in August / September (Southern Hemisphere) will produce dramatic improvements in dull, lifeless coats as the season changes.