Oakwood Leather Care Kit

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Leather Care Liquid Cleaner 250mL
Provides an intensive clean to leather surfaces, removing dirt, grime and other stains including body oils. Suitable for all automotive leather surfaces including car and truck interiors. A specially formulated, non-sticky, pH balanced cleaner.

Leather Care Hydrating Cream 350mL
A quality moisturising conditioning cream that penetrates the leather to soften and nourish. It protects against harmful UV (UVA and UVB) exposure, stains, ageing, dehydration and cracking. With the help of our selected natural ingredients your leather will be rejuvenated for a luxurious appearance.

Leather Wipes 150mm x 200mm (x5 Pack)
Quick drying formula with fresh aloe vera fragrance. Ideal for maintaining your leather’s look and performance between deep cleaning and intensive conditioning.

Microfibre Towel 200mm x 200mm
Ideal for applying product to surface areas and also buffing surfaces to a luxurious finish. Washable and reusable.