Prestige Lucky Dressage

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The Lucky Dressage Idol saddle is designed to meet the needs of young riders, sustaining them and ensuring the best position on the seat. This model is provided with narrow flaps for a more slender look. The saddle is entirely lined in soft oiled bovine leather to improve comfort and grip, thus guaranteeing improved safety. The tree has a narrower twist and offers improved closed contact while riding. The front rolls can be easily and quickly adjusted thanks to the Velcro fastenings, the seat and the skirts are both padded with soft rubber. This product has shorter panels to allow more freedom of movement to the horse, and broader, to ensure the rider’s weight is equally distributed on the entire surface. Girth straps, shaped like a “V”, fit perfectly on ponies or round horses. The saddle features also a loop made with painted and printed leather, where the rider can hang a gadget.