Prestige XD2K Zero Lux

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The saddle with the deepest tree from our Dressage line, to ensure a better close contact. The wider seat makes it one of a kind.

X-D2 saddle has a new tree that makes the rider feel closer to the horse guaranteeing the best freedom of movement. The tree is unisex and thus very comfortable for the female too. The panels are designed to give the most freedom to the shoulders. The rear part of the seat is much wider than the traditional Dressage saddles and it hosts two enlarged membranes, obtained applying the new technological procedure OTI (“Over Tree Injection”): the injection from above of the elastic material inside the tree. The ESS (“Ergonomic Stitching System”) is the first of its kind and ensures improved comfort for the horse. The front girth straps are elastic, while the rear ones come in the shape of a “V” for a more balance on the back of the horse.