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Amanda Ross 3 Point Bridge Breastplate

Amanda Ross 3 Point Bridge Breastplate

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*This breastplate ships with martingale rings

Designed in conjunction with Australian Olympic eventing rider Amanda Ross, this is one of the most stylish and functional breastplates on the market. 

Made with comfort, stability and style in mind, this breastplate was over two years in development. 

We aimed to offer a breastplate that embraced versatility. It has both the refined quality for the Jumper ring, with enough size and points of safety to be a solid cross country breastplate for those looking for a reliable breastplate without the bulk.

The V shape as been designed to anatomically follow the line of the horses shoulder allow for complete freedom of shoulder movement. The side straps that attach to the girth straps have been designed to sit flush under the riders leg so you won't even know the breastplate is there. Whilst you may not have know this was a design you needed in your life, once you experience it you won't go back. 

The two small panels of blue and white double elastic allow for that extra bit of give for the horse to aid shape over the fence. 

There is seven points where there breastplate can be adjusted for fit as well as the ability to remove the clip from the girth strap if you prefer to jump without. 

Made from the finest quality English leather, white stitched for style with a front grain overlay panel, this breastplate means you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort and functionality. 

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