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Bone Radial Liniment

Bone Radial Liniment

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Bone Radiol Linament relieves lameness and unsoundness.

  • An extra strong spirit embrocation for the maintenance of healthy bone structure. 
  • Ideal for use after strenuous exercise.
  • Ideal for horses and dogs.
  • An extra strong spirit embrocation for hard, fibrous and bony enlargements, such as splints, spavins, ringbone, thickened tendons and joints
  • Contains guaiacol, menthol and camphor to help soothe and relieve stiffness, and aid disinfection.

​Active constituents:

  • Camphor BP 12g/l
  • Menthol 19g/l 
  • Strong liquid ammonia BPC 0.7ml/l 
  • Guiacol BPC 135g/l
  • Creosote 45g/l
  • Glycerine BP 48.3g/L
  • Directions for Use: Clip hair if long. Apply Bone Radiol Linament sparingly with a small stiff brush, working the linament well into the skin over the enlargement and not more than 25mm around it. Repeat when the first application has been absorbed. Dress daily for three days, miss three days & so on as required. For external use only. Use sparingly on sensitive animal skin. Apply sparingly, especially during the initial applications. Do not bandage immediately after application. Do not apply to irritated skin, or if excessive irritation occurs. If in doubt, consult your veterinary surgeon.
  • Safety directions: Highly flammable - do not smoke whilst using this product. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear suitable gloves & avoid breathing vapour.
  • WARNING: This product is flammable & therefore defined as a "Dangerous Good" for freight purposes and must be shipped by road transport only. Please do not select express post for this item.
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