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Cell Salts

Cell Salts

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Electrolyte Supplement of Concentrated Physiological Salts for Horses

Many owners do not realise that horses require higher levels of salt, especially when moderately sweating during daily work. Adding an electrolyte mix to the ration will encourage your horse to drink as well as replace the important minerals lost through sweat.

Kohnke’s Own Cell-Salts contains sodium, chloride, potassium and magnesium which are commonly lost in sweat from exercise and are crucial for body function and performance.

The Concept of Cell-Salts:

Cell-Salts provides essential physiological salts and other electrolytes which help correct a low or inadequate natural content in common equine diets.

Cell-Salts has been updated to feature an all-in-one formulation which provides all the salts your horse needs. Cell-Salts no longer needs to be combined with additional plain salt. Highly palatable and easy to mix into feeds, Cell-Salts is a concentrated salt mix for horses in NSW, VIC, SA, TAS and lower WA.

Cell-Salts helps to replenish shortfalls of dietary salts in all resting, working and travelling horses under normal conditions or moderate weather. Cell-Salts is designed with a flexible supplementation rate relative to specific daily requirements, including feed supplied, water intake and sweat loss.

For heavy sweating, or horses in hot, humid or tropical regions, Kohnke’s Own Troppo-Salts is recommended.
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