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Eurohunter Deluxe Gel Girth

Eurohunter Deluxe Gel Girth

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Our best selling girth is made with a gel centre and elastic both ends which helps give your horse the care it needs when working.

Sizes: 55cm to 85cm Colours: Brown

The Saddleworld Eurohunter brand provides you with excellent quality and value.

The Eurohunter collection is sourced from all over the world in order to bring you the latest collections of mid priced equestrian products. From Saddles to Stirrups, Bridles to Boots there is a wide selection available for the rider who wants entry level competition products or for those who need the equipment to get them to the next level in their riding career. Our Eurohunter competition products are strong, hard working and provide competitors with the competitive products that they can use everyday. Take some time to look through our Eurohunter collection.

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