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Glovely Cut Care

Glovely Cut Care

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Cutcare can be used in conjunction with veterinary care to assist with the healing process of woulds. It is used with completely natural ingredients and helps controls proud flesh, relieves pain and reduces scarring. Cutcare has an added bonus that it repels flies from the wound.


Cutcare is easy to use. 


Bandaging helps to keep wound clean, and does heal quicker with less scarring.
1.  If wound is very moist, place ointment onto clean lint and then place over wound and bandage.  This can stay on the wound for up to three days.
2.  Remove bandaging.  Do not hose with water.  Wipe over wound with clean lint or cotton wool to remove excess muck.  Repeat previous method.
3.  Wound will start to show a pale pink 'bubbly' surface.  THIS IS NOT PROUD FLESH - this is the healing process.


No Bandaging
1.  When injury is fresh and moist, clean (do not use hose with water) and allow to dry.
2.  Apply Cutcare evenly over injury.
3.  Cutcare can be softened by either sitting in the sun, or heat in a microwave.  Softens with contact of fingers - body heat.
4.  Wipe down wound before re applying Cutcare.
5.  Cutcare can be applied every third day, or more frequently if you would prefer.


Deep Wounds
1.  Melt Cutcare and pour into the wound.
2.  A syringe can be used.  After melting, let it cool a little, if too hot the ointment will run straight downwards.  If cooler when expressed towards wound, it solidifies immediately.

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