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J5 Equine Sports Boot - White

J5 Equine Sports Boot - White

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J5 Equine Premium Bells Boots are made with an ultra-durable nylon. J5 Equine Bells Boots use the nylon as the outer cover and binds the bottom of the stitching and boot. J5 Equine Premium Bell Boots are rugged and extremely tough and can withstand heavy daily riding. It doesn’t matter what your discipline in riding is, these bell boots are the ticket.


* Ultra-durable lining -- high level of protection and impact absorption
* Heavy-duty binding -- Highly durable
* Covers back of hoof to ground -- Superior protection to critical areas of hoof
* Double hook & loop fasteners -- stays on securely and will not come loose while riding
* Soft, padded rolled pasterns -- reduces rubbing, keeping horse more comfortable
* No-turn knob -- keeps boot from turning, remaining in correct position for better protection.

Key Specifications
* Material: Durable Nylon
* Front, Hind or Either: Either
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