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Joseph Lyddy Dubbin

Joseph Lyddy Dubbin

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The Joseph Lyddy Dubbin Neutral is a non-shine traditional waterproofing for leather hiking and working boots, football boots, and other sporting footwear. It nourishes and preserves leather footwear and other leather items. Dubbin contains a rich blend of waxes, tallows and oils.

  • Nourishes and preserves leather footwear and other leather items.
  • Suitable on oil kip - shiny leather boots.
  • Perfect for Mongrel, Redback, Oliver, Steel Blues, Blundstone and Wide Load work boots.
  • Protects against chapping and helping with waterproofing of the leather.
  • Contains a rich blend of waxes, tallows and oils.
  • Ideal for use on all hard working leather products including work boots, football boots, hiking boots, golf shoes, footballs, saddles, riding boots.
  • Recommended by major boot manufacturers.

Directions for use:

  • Wipe surface clean.
  • Rub in evenly with brush or soft cloth paying special attention to stitching, welts and soles of footwear. Allow to penetrate.
  • May darken certain leather. Try first in an inconspicuous area before using.


  • Size: 45g
  • Suits: Leather Items
  • Brand: Joseph Lyddy

About Joseph Lyddy

Joseph Lyddy is today’s well-known brand to all who love horses. Whether you’re a jumping professional, a seasoned endurance rider or a weekend pony-clubber, you’ll know the value of Joseph Lyddy products to enhance your horse’s appearance and performance.

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