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Judges Choice Black Eye Gloss Makeup

Judges Choice Black Eye Gloss Makeup

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Judges Choice Eye Gloss is an Australian made and owned make up for horses. Use Judges Choice Eye Gloss around the eyes and muzzle to add definition and glamour to the face, enhancing your horse’s natural beauty.

These exciting new glosses will add that dramatic high gloss finish and will bring out your horses’ eyes, ears, and muzzle.

If you are wanting that extra depth of colour, use over Judges Choice Black Matt make up.

This horse makeup was developed to thrive in our warm conditions and has anti-static properties to help repel the dirt. Excellent for use under lights.

Product Details:

  • This product comes in clear and black
  • High Gloss Formulation
  • Contains Sun Filters
  • Wont bead or pill
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