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Judges Choice Perfect Plait Heavy Plaiting Spray

Judges Choice Perfect Plait Heavy Plaiting Spray

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Judges Choice Perfect Plait Hold Spray has been formulated with both the groom and horse in mind. This spray will give you weightless conditioning, illuminating shine and hold with a medium or heavy tack without leaving a flaky white residue. It will aid in producing perfect plaits on your horse, every time on wet or dry hair. Perfect Plait is a water-based product and washes out easily with no sticky residue.

Perfect Plait is a great plaiting accessory that will save you time and money, for flawless plaits every time.

Product Details:

  • Product comes in Medium and Heavy Hold
  • Horse Plaiting Spray
  • Judges Choice Plaiting spray will provide you with the perfect grip to create neat plaits
  • Easy to wash out
  • Won’t leave white scurf
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