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Hardocks KA Cleans and Flushes is a time-honoured effective diuretic and kidney antiseptic for horses and greyhounds.

Used by professional horsemen in Australia for half a century, signs like thick, cloudy, smelly urine or puffy hind legs mean it's time to bring out KA Cleans and Flushes. Horsemen also know that like any filter, kidneys function better when clean. It is not necessary to use KA Cleans and Flushes every day, mainly after fast work or racing.

KA Cleans and Flushes assists the blood clearing action of kidneys by increasing the volume and flow of urine. A reliable diuretic action removes toxins from the body by stimulating thirst and increasing the volume of urine passed. It acts to flush the body of harmful compounds accumulated during exercise.

As an antiseptic, it acts by effectively cleansing the urinary tract to reduce the risk of low grade bladder infection cystitis. Thus, KA Cleans and Flushes assists in promoting the action of the kidney, helping to increase urinary flow to eliminate problems such as oedema of the lower limbs which often occurs in horses on high grain diets after hard work or racing.

KA Cleans and Flushes is a palatable mixture suitable for addition to the feeds of racehorses, endurance horses, all classes of competition horses and as a means to reducing fluid build-up in mares heavy in foal.

KA Cleans and Flushes is a handy product to have in the kennels at all times to regularly flush the system of racing greyhounds, especially bitches prone to cystitis or bladder infection, or greyhounds on high dry food diets that result in increased risk of urinary crystals.

PRESENTATION: Free flowing, light brown palatable powder for addition to the feed.


Horses: 15g (one scoop) in the feed night and morning when required, OR 30g (two scoops) as a single dose after hard work or racing.

Greyhounds: 5g (one teaspoon) in the feed morning and night OR 10g as a single dose after hard work or racing.
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