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Kelato Red Hot Paste

Suitable for: horses who chew bandages, rugs, fenceposts and other surfaces

Kelato Red Hot Paste contains a safe, non toxic bitterant designed to discourage chewing of bandages, rugs, fenceposts and other surfaces.


  • Safe, non toxic chewing deterrent paste
  • Easy to brush on to hard and soft surfaces with supplied brush
  • Suitable for use on bandages, blankets, leg wraps, casts, fence posts, tails and other surfaces
  • May help discourage windsucking
  • Safe for use with dogs and other livestock


Please note: Kelato Red Hot Paste contains oil of Capsaicin, which is a prohibited substance in the equine industry (racing, harness and FEI). If you are competing or racing, consult your veterinarian or regulatory officer before using this product. Avoid contact with eyes, nostrils and mucous membranes.

Established in Melbourne in 1988 as Chelated Laboratories Pty Ltd, Kelato Animal Health operate on the premise that horses who feel well perform well. The team at Kelato Animal Health are dedicated to using scientific knowledge teamed with good manufacturing practices to produce health and nutrition products designed to keep your horses looking, feeling and performing their best.

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