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Kleen Sheen

Kleen Sheen

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Kohnke's Own Kleen Sheen is a fully biodegradable, soap free shampoo which cleans and removes stains, but does not strip essential oils from the coat. Kleen Sheen is the easiest, biodegradable shampoo/conditioner/highlighter combo that you will ever use. 

Silicon enhanced for the brightest shine, built-in conditioner for the softest coat, foaming shampoo for the quickest wash, no residue or scurf for faster rinse out and less water, advanced highlighter for enhanced coat colour and biodegradable to help the environment.

  • Saves time in washing – non-soap formulation quickly foams to lift out dirt and scurf.
  • Saves elbow grease in lathering – easy foam shampoo – even in 'hard' water.
  • Saves water in rinsing – no suds – rinses out with one pass of the hose.
  • Saves money – more washes per bottle – average 60mL to shampoo a horse or donkey!
  • Saves environmental pollution – biodegradable, non-soap shampoo.
  • Saves on conditioners, brighteners, silicons as well!
  • Silicon enhanced for the brightest sheen
  • Built-in conditioner for the softest coat 
  • Foaming shampoo (no suds) for the quickest wash
  • No residues or scurf means faster rinse out and less water
  • Advanced highlighter for enhanced coat colour
  • Biodegradable - saves the environment

Handy Hint: Wet the animal all over. Apply 20 mL Kleen-Sheen® to each area of the mane, the backline and tail. Massage lightly over the skin to foam – no suds! For soiled white areas – rub in a small amount of Kleen-Sheen® neat from the bottle – then rinse the whole body over with one pass of the hose – scrape off to finish. Saves water, time and the environment.
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