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Light Oil No 1

Light Oil No 1

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No. 1 Light Oil is a fine conditioning oil for the coat and skin. It adds a light shine to the coat as it smoothes and softens the hair. It adds a fine layer of oil to dry skin or coat to replenish and make skin and hair healthy again. It detangles manes and tails without leaving them sticky or gummy feeling and allows tough knots to slip out with ease.


Intensive oil conditioner for coat, mane and tail
May be used hot or cold
Helps restore colour after clipping
Easily and effectively removed with Hi Shine Shampoo

Apply directly to skin or use a soft cloth and gently rub in circular motions in the necessary areas.
For a conditioning treatment, make up a solution of 50/50 with water and sponge all over.
Can be used as a body shine. 75:25 (oil:water)
Easily and effectively remove with Hi Shine Shampoo.

WARNING: Never apply oil and leave animal in the sun.

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