Neutradex Diuretic

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Aids in the prevention and treatment of acidosis and dehydration in racing greyhounds.


  • Buffers the acid build up in muscle cells
  • Stimulates the thirst response
  • Prevents dehydration
  • Prevents muscle soreness after fast work
  • Palatable caramel flavour


  • Dogs in work
  • Dogs with a history of cramping and muscle fatigue
  • Preventing dehydration
  • Preventing muscle soreness


  • To combat the effect of acidosis and dehydration

    During exercise, lactic acid and “free radicals” build up in the muscles, and if not neutralised and removed can lead to cramping, stiffness, fatigue and slow recovery. NEUTRADEX is formulated to combat the effects of acidosis and dehydration, particularly after hard work.

  • NEUTRADEX encourages dogs to drink

    The sodium content (although the sodium requirement is low in greyhounds because they do not sweat) given as an after race recovery dose stimulates the thirst reflex, encouraging the dog to drink more. This in turn corrects post-race dehydration and flushes acid and metabolic wastes from the kidneys.


Each 4mL dose contains:

  • Sodium acids citrate 1.13g


  • Ensure an adequate supply of cool, clean water is available at all times.
  • Daily dose: 4ml mixed into food or milk while greyhound is in hard work.
  • After race dose: 6ml mixed into next feed, or deposited over the tongue by oral syringe, for at least the first morning after a race and preferably the two mornings following a hard race. Greyhounds suffering from dehydration need a supplementary daily dose of electrolytes.
  • For a daily electrolyte use BETA-CEL® electrolyte supplement for greyhounds