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New Muscle XL

New Muscle XL

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Concentrated Supplement to Build Top-Line, Muscle Strength and Tone
Muscle XL is the ultimate top-line builder, providing the essential proteins and amino acids required to build and maintain muscle tone.


Muscle XL contains concentrated ingredients often lacking in a horse’s regular diet that specifically build muscle. It is ideal for horses who lack top-line despite consistent work, recover poorly or are struggling to regain muscle bulk and fitness after a spell, rest or injury.

Muscle XL is suitable for horses of all ages and levels of training and does not cause hot or fizzy behaviour.

Muscle XL is a concentrated supplement with multiple muscle-active nutrients, including

  • Premium protein base containing all essential and non-essential amino acids.
  • Concentrated sources of extra branched chain amino acids (BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine) included as high purity forms for a specific profile of muscle building amino acids
  • Extra amount of critical of often deficient amino acids lysine and methionine
  • L-glutamine for muscle energy and recovery after exercise
  • Organic sulfur (MSM) and high potency natural vitamin E as an antioxidant, plus other synergistic nutrients
  • Powdered supplement with a palatable vanilla milk flavour
  • Does not swab and is safe and legal for all competitions
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