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Straight Tetnus Injection

Straight Tetnus Injection

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Equivac T is a tetanus vaccine manufactured by purifying and inactivating the toxin produced by the Clostridium tetani organism.

Equivac T is used to immunise animals against tetanus. Susceptibility varies with horses, sheep and goats being the most susceptible; dogs, pigs and cattle moderately susceptible and birds highly resistant. If losses in animals have occurred from tetanus, veterinary advice should be sought in order to ensure that the correct diagnosis is made and the most effective vaccination programme instituted.

Directions for Use:

It is important that the vaccine is kept properly mixed before and during use. There may be settling of the adjuvant after storage, but material is easily resuspended by inversion of the syringe or vial. Before the vaccine is injected, the proposed site of inoculation on the animal's skin may be cleaned by swabbing with cotton wool soaked in a suitable antiseptic solution, such as methylated spirits.

The intramuscular route is recommended for the vaccination of horses, and the subcutaneous route should be used in dogs, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.

After the initial dose, a period of 9 to 14 days is required for the development of effective immunity. A single dose of Equivac T given to an unimmunised animal at the time of wounding or surgery may not prevent Tetanus (see use of Equivac TAT antitoxin). A second dose of Equivac T given four weeks after the initial dose should ensure a high level of immunity. If a third (booster) dose is given a year later, long-lasting immunity will ensue. It is advisable, particularly in valuable animals, to repeat the booster dose at intervals of approximately 5 years.
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