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Tanami Junior Competition Fender

Tanami Junior Competition Fender

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Hand-crafted using pure vegetable-tanned, drum-dyed, Oak Brown saddle leather, this youth saddle is perfect for young riders just starting out in their chosen discipline.

The Complete Package

  • 3-WAY RIGGING – Stainless steel 3-way rigging plates support multiple girthing options.
  • REMOVABLE FENDERS- As well as being a safety feature, this means that you can switch between youth and adult size fenders, adapting the saddle to children with long legs, or smaller-sized adults.
  • Padded leather-on-tread youth oxbows (Safety stirrups available as optional extras)

The Leather

This Tanami saddle is hand-crafted using pure vegetable-tanned, drum-dyed, Oak Brown saddle leather, with a padded suede seat and basket weave stamping.

Designed to be ecofriendly leather, special attention has been given on ecology specifications. The liming process is sulphide free, the tanning process is chrome free and the leather does not contain any toxic or hazardous chemicals.

The tannery from which this leather is sourced has been established for over 60 years, holds ISO certification for their quality and environment management systems and international certification for social accountability.

The Tanami Saddle Tree


  • Appearance
  • Colour
  • AV
  • Viscosity (Brookfield)
  • Viscosity (Ford Cup 4)
  • Specific Gravity
  • Gel Time
  • Peak Exotherm
  • Gel Peak
  • Volatile Matter

The saddle tree is covered by a 5 year conditional warranty.

The tree is made from a 6 layer composite, crossmatting and resin finished with extra reinforcing blocks placed inside the moulded tree where any screws are placed.

Each batch of resin used in these trees is laboratory tested to meet strict 6746 : 1994 standards.

If the resin does not pass all of the strict testing procedures, the resin is rejected and not used in the saddle trees.

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