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Tonics Tall Balls Gravity

Tonics Tall Balls Gravity

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The new "Gravity" made by TONICS impresses with its great price-performance  ratio without sacrificing the well-known properties of the popular TONICS  tall boots! It convinces with its sporty elegance and stands out with  functional details.

Made from fine smooth leather and with the proven grip leather on the inside,  “Gravity” ensures a stable calf position on the horse. The shaft lined  with calfskin is particularly stable and gives the boot a strikingly high-  quality look.

The newly developed modern outsole with its grip profile rounds off the  picture perfectly and ensures optimal grip in the stirrup. Thanks to the  breathable mesh lining in the foot area, the preformed insole with heel  padding and the elastic inserts in the shaft, this model provides a high  level of wearing comfort.

It also impresses visually with well-known details: the abrasion protection  on the outside of the boot gives the "Gravity" the unique TONICS  recognition value. The strong YKK back zipper and the inner heel tongue  make the boot particularly durable.

The new TONICS logo, as well as the elastic lacing at the front and the  decorative seams on the toe cap give these boots their own character.

"Gravity" - a riding boot that leaves nothing to be desired!

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