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Waldhausen Lunging Aid Black Full

  • For lunging in forward-downward-stretching posture
  • Study, yet soft twine
  • Adjustable length
  • A ring between the legs links the cords together

This attractive Rope Lunging Aid from Waldhausen is a gentle yet effective training aid for use when lunging your horse.

The rope lies over the horse's back behind the withers, passing between his front legs and attaching to the bit rings with trigger clips.

It is designed to encourage your horse to work effectively over his back, allowing him to stretch forward and down in a relaxed, natural way without being forced into an outline.

It is adjustable in size, and has a ring to keep the rope in place between the horse's legs.

Please note that the clips on this lunging aid may be a little stiff to begin with, but will loosen up over time.

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