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WTP DSEL (Dee, snaffle, eggbutt, lightweight) Available in 4.5", 5", 5.5", either with or without extended tongue plate.

A major development in bit design, offering much improved safety and performance by overcoming common problems associated with the mouth, such as pulling, hanging, rearing, headshaking etc.

The WTP Bit Benefits

1. Stops the bit pinching the tongue
2. Stops the horse getting the tongue over the bit
3. Stops the tongue hanging out the side of the mouth
4. Stops the horse pulling or bolting
5. Stops the horse hanging and rearing
6. Stops the horse headshaking
7. Stops displacement of the soft palate
8. Stops abnormal respiratory noise due to roaring and thickness of wind
9. Promotes increased oxygen supply for faster speed and finishing
10. Proven to prevent bleeding at exercise (EIPH)
11. Proven to improve performance
12. Proven to reduce the horses heart rate
13. The horse is happy and easier to control
14. WTP bit also acts as a more effective and kind anti-rearing bit

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